Disinfection Walk Through Gate For COVID-19 -Orient Marketing

  This walk through gate is used for disinfection of COVID-19 at 160 degree. It is double Skin Acrylic Material and quality of  pipes  and nozels. We use certified chemical of UK  that has  more disinfectant time . It has following Features:

Key Features:

  1. LED lights
  2. 0.3mm Mist nozzles
  3. Battery Backup
  4. Auto Timer
  5. High Pressure Water Pump
  6. Motions Sensors

Optional Features:

  1. 300 Ltr Disinfectant tank
  2. Auto doors
  3. Plastic curtains
  4. Foot Sole Spray Mesh and Drain Tray
  5. Control Panel
  6. Wheel base Grid and much more...