Pharmaceutical Sector


The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is one of the highly regulated and life care industrial sector that is one of the basic necessities of life It contributes a lot of in the healthcare of humans and economy of the country. This sector has now grown up to successful pharmaceuticals manufacturing industry among the developing countries.
In order to cope with emerging pharmaceutical challenges we have expanded our business line with 32 year’s experience of pharma specialized expertise.
Our Pharmaceutical Consultancy providing the professional services, operational solutions and packaging materials supply to manufacturing units with 360⁰ approach for the manufacturing of high quality, effective and efficient products.
The pharmaceutical sector is responsible for the development, production, and marketing of branded and generic pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies mainly deal in generic, branded, branded generic and over the counter drugs


Mr. Ahmad Nasir is the Director of our Pharma Sector . He is well-known expert in Pakistan. He is seasoned pharmacist having 32 Year’s experience at a senior management level in well-known companies. He has honor of laying the foundation of 04 pharmaceutical manufacturing plants that include :

  • Stiefel laboratories Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, USA-INC.
  • GSK-Pakistan.
  • Seatle Pharma.
  • Titlis Pharma Lahore.

    Following Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services are being provided by our company:


    HVAC Consultancy and Supply of Equipment’s

    There are numerous HVAC designs and solutions intend to comply with pharmaceutical applications. The architectural components should dovetail with HVAC design system, such as pressure differential cascades and cross-contamination control.
    The proper filtrations and adequate ventilation are indispensable for tests in laboratories, Production areas and cleanrooms.
    Our HVAC engineers implement systems that ensure strict control over temperature, relative humidity and/or dew point, without interfering with the actual pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
    HVAC systems play a crucial role in pharmaceutical engineering and manufacturing because they have a direct impact on the production environment. Optimized HVAC units can help pharmaceutical companies Mining and Drilling, pass inspections, and remain CGMP-compliant, and more
    HVAC systems are so important in well-functioning of the pharmaceutical industry . There are two major necessary following reasons of HVAC Involvement along with many other factors:

    2.Temperature Control Environment:

    Modern diagnostic machines need to operate within very strict temperature and humidity tolerances so that the integrity of powdered and fluid reagents is not comprised. The consequences of a misdiagnosis or false reading from the introduction of unanticipated moisture, can be serious for both patient and medical provider alike. Our Customized HVAC units that ensure stable environmental conditions—whether cold, hot, or dry—and integrate well into often limited space, are key pieces of an effective diagnostic process.

    3.Humidity Control Environment:

    Moisture can be one of the worst enemies of modern medicine production. In every phase of production—from milling to compounding to coating—excess moisture can cause manufacturing inefficiencies, weaken the medicine’s effect, or in the worst-case scenario, completely ruin an entire batch of product. Specialized HVAC units that enforce a specified dew point based on the application all but guarantee that there will be no excess moisture from the air to cause production issues.

    Our HVAC is designed with need of pharmaceutical solution. We recommend “Precision Air Conditioning System” known as “Pharma Grade” :. The technical name of these Air condition systems is Ducted DX Coil AHU; Ducted Chilled Water AHU or Self-contained Ducted Package System, split type Ducted AHU; The Hepa Filters, Bag filters, F9; G3 and others are used to clean the air necessary for pharma production. The buffers and production zones are based on the pressure differential cascades and cross-contamination control, and air changes. Generally concept of Duct is the channel of air distribution and induction but its special design of supply and return air for pharma production have also prerequisite values.

    4.Pharma Production Consultancy:

    1.Designing & Development of Manufacturing Facilities keeping in view the cGMP regulations.
    2.Machinery Identification and Selection.
    3.Product Designing & Development.
    4.Document Designing, Validation, & Development.

    5.Training & Development:

    The success of any organization depends on the employees’ performance. Poor performance is detrimental to the company’s success. So, employee performance plays an integral role in achieving the health and business goals.
    We Provide Training for newly recruited staff members and Refresher Training as well. This can be done by two ways:
    a) In our own training venue, company will provide us their selected candidates to train them.
    b) In the client’s company premises, the trainer will go there and train them as per need and requirement of the company.
    c) Two to Three days training (or as per requirement of company) of existing poor performers with a view to improve their performance.
    We offer these training with reasonable costs so that entrepreneur can afford to make their employees more productive.
    It will be great pleasure for us if you contact us and let us serve your esteemed organization.