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What is HVAC?


HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) systems accomplish processes such as heating, cooling, Ventilation, humidification, or dehumidification.

Knowledge of the behavior of such systems is essential for the analysis and design of air¬-conditioning devices, cooling towers, and industrial processes involving hygroscopic materials like textile and paper requiring close control of the vapor content in air. These processes are represented in psychometrics charts (The study of systems involving air and water vapor mixtures is known as psychometrics.)


Process in which the moisture or water vapor or humidity is added to the air without changing its dry bulb (DB) temperature is called humidification process.


Process in which the moisture or water vapor or the humidity is removed from the air keeping its dry bulb (DB) temperature constant is called the dehumidification process.

Range of Products

Cassete Type Unit.
Floor Standing Cabinet Type AC
Air Contained Package Unit
Air Cooled Water Chiller
Water Cooled Water Chiller
Fan Coil Unit
Air Handling Unit
Cooled Storage Air Conditioning System
Humidifier & Dehumidifier
Air Curtains
Ventilation System
VRF System
Air Cool Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner
Heat Exchanger (2)
Heat Exchangerr
Technology We Manufacture

The continuous and regular efforts of our Power Moto Act Engineering Company since 1991 has improved quality of products as per required standards required by our valued customers. The agility and flexibility are our signature expertise.
The quality of technologies that we have manufactured so long is appreciated by the clients.The repeated demands to same client have stamped the spell of our designing, manufacturing, of HVAC equipements. The equipements of Pharma & Food Grade; Clean room; Test laboratories of Pharma & Chemical; Operation Theatres of Hospitals and likewise are our major specialities..
Our technical staff is highly skilled and well trained. Our In-house HVAC designer is highly educated, specialized in field of HVAC from UK. He has rich experience of USA, UK, Middle East, Pakistan. So the blend of all these has further powered up our quality to serve our valued customer.
Orient Marketing holding the marketing and sales division is an integral part and Co-Venturer of PowernMotor Act Engineering. It is functionalized to provide following door step facilities to our clients :

  • To introduce new technical development.
  • To get feed back of rapidly changing technology, economy and competitive environment.
  • To provide the customized technical solution.<.li>
  • To determine the emerging technical requirements of the industrial Plant and their in-house solutions.
We manufacture the equipment’s as per Cocept of the ASHRE standards. THE ACCA &SMACNA standards are also taken inti consideration during Duct work system .